I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

To reset your password visit: https://portal.brentwoodforest.com/Home_v2/ForgotPassword and provide your email address. A new password will be generated and sent to you. If you are still having trouble, please contact office@brentwoodforest.com.

Can I pay my HOA fee or other assessments online?

Yes! Once you are logged in, select the “Make a Payment” button to be directed to the payment processing service.

I have a question about my account or billing. What is the best way to get an answer?

Login to your owner portal. Click My Items and then Submit a Request. Next, select "Billing Question." You can select "General Question" if you need information about your association but not specifically about your owner account. Otherwise, feel free to contact office@brentwoodforest.com or call the office at (314) 961-3066.

Where do I find paper forms and association policies?

You can find them under Documents on the Home page and after you’re logged into your owner portal.